What are your normal business hours?

Miss Peaches is available to serve you Wednesday-Sunday between the hours of 1pm-6pm.

What I to place order for pick-up before or after your normal business hours?

Orders for pick are available outside of our standard business hours for an additional $15.00 service fee. Same day orders will also incur $10.00 per pan service charge.

How may I place an order for delivery or pick-up in Dallas, TX?


How may I place an order for delivery or pick-up in Houston, TX?



Does Miss Peaches ship products?

At this time, Miss Peaches products are exclusively available within the Houston and Dallas metroplexes. However, if shipping is desired– please feel free to email call 214-549-1737 or email info@misspeachesonline.com to discuss shipping arrangements for your order needs.

Does Miss Peaches have an order/cancellation/return policy?

Please visit our Cancellation/Return Policy link for more information on our order policy.

What is the expiration date on Miss Peaches products?

All cobblers may remain unrefrigerated for 1 day covered. Miss Peaches recommends consumption of covered and refrigerated products within 4-5 days of receipt.